This Boy's "Family Portrait" Includes A Picture Of His Mom On Her Period

A five-year-old boy's drawing has the internet cracking up. Because the picture is of the boy's mom — on her period.
"Oh this is so funny," Penny Rohleder, the boy's mother, wrote on Facebook. "Julian drew a family portrait (forgot Mayanna and Arlyn) but I said to him 'what's that red thing on me?' He said 'that's your period.' Bahahahhahahahahshahahaha."
It's pretty clear based on that reaction which person in Julian's picture is his mom. (Hint: it's the one with the bright red spot right where her vagina would be.)
"When I first saw the drawing and realised that it included my period, I was in hysterics. It was such an innocent, honest thing for a young child to come out with," Rohleder told Metro UK.
Her photo was shared by Australian parenting blogger Constance Hall, where more than 2,500 people have commented — many of them with their own funny stories about their kids, periods, and slightly "inappropriate" drawings.
Many of the stories told are of the first moment a kid learned that periods even exist. While many may think that five is a bit too young for a boy to learn what a period is — given that explaining a period means also explaining vaginas and probably uteruses and maybe even babies — Rohleder is proud that her son knows about, and isn't ashamed of, menstrual blood.
"I shared it because it was funny, but I was also proud that my 5-year-old knows what a period is, when some fully grown men do not," she told Metro. "It’s such a taboo subject for many adults, especially men. Women too, are embarrassed about their bodies and I have absolutely no idea why."
She has a point. If a five-year-old boy has no shame talking about periods, then why are we still sneaking tampons out of our purses?
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