Trader Joe’s Now Has Chocolate-Filled Freezer Crêpes In Its Freezer Aisles

Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
Have you ever tried making crêpes at home? It can be a pretty daunting task. The batter must be poured to the perfect thickness and ample amounts of cooking spray go into making sure each paper-thin pancake doesn’t stick to the skillet. All that trouble almost never pays off and you’re left with thicker-than-desired griddlecakes. Or, you end up with a pile of half-shredded crêpes and a very dirty pan that will need to soak in the sink for hours. Well, thanks to Trader Joe's, we may never have to work that hard for the treat again. That's right, the cult-fave grocery store known for delicious freezer-aisle snacks just announced the launch of new Chocolate-Filled Crêpes.
TJ's new Chocolate Filled Crêpes feature soft, golden brown crêpe dough made into perfect rolls and filled with thick, creamy chocolate sauce. When the treat is heated, the chocolate filling oozes out, making each bite satisfyingly decadent. They can be enjoy plain or with bananas, berries, or whipped cream (or all three). According to the Trader Joe's website, the new product is "as divine as the crêpes sold in fine crêperies."
These crêpes may taste like they're from a Parisian café, but a lot less work goes into preparing them. All we have to do is pop the frozen dessert in the microwave or oven. Making these crêpes doesn't take much time or effort, and like many other TJ's products we love, they don't cost much either. Each box comes with seven crêpes and costs just $2.69. That's a lot more affordable than making the batter yourself or flying to France. So, kiss your batter-pouring days goodbye and pray that Trader Joe's eventually rolls out these frozen crêpes with a variety of fillings. We'd love a savory crêpe with cheese and another sweet one with Nutella, please.

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