This Dad Did The Cutest Thing For His Baby Who Has To Wear A Helmet

Sometimes, life hands you helmets. And sometimes, if you're lucky, your entire family shows you solidarity by also wearing helmets.
A San Antonio, Texas family recently delighted the internet by showing their youngest member — four-month-old baby Jonas — some important, and adorable, support in the form of bike helmets, as Buzzfeed reports.
Baby Jonas was fitted for a head-shaping helmet on Wednesday because "the back of [Jonas'] head is severely flat" due to Jonas frequently sleeping on his back, his father, Gary Gutierrez, told BuzzFeed.
Over the course of three to six months, the helmet will help round out his head. Newborns have pliable skulls to help them get through the birth canal, so Jonas' need for a helmet is no cause for concern.
A few days after Jonas got his helmet, his older sister, three-year-old Camila, decided to wear a helmet too. "She's all about inclusion," Gutierrez told BuzzFeed. "She wants her brother to be happy. She doesn't want him to feel different." Soon after, the kids' dad followed suit and picked out a bike helmet for himself to wear, and the squad was born.
On Saturday, Gutierrez's cousin Shea Serrano tweeted a photo of the family in their helmets that mom Shayna took, and Twitter basically exploded from the cuteness.
For one Twitter user, the show of support was personally touching.
The post inspired others to share their own helmet-wearing babies.
This person even suggested following the family's example. Do we sense a trend coming? Dare we say, a nationwide helmet movement?
Gutierrez told BuzzFeed that the family will don their helmets on Saturdays, since that's when they're usually all together. "I think it will be a normal Saturday routine for our family," he said. Never has solidarity looked so cute.
Refinery29 has reached out to the Gutierrez family and will update this story if we receive a response.
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