This Teen Tricked Her Friends By Making Up A Fake Starbucks Drink & We're LOLing

As you probably know by now, we closely follow new menu additions. Nearly every time we hear about a new item, however strange, we are overcome with excitement. Starbucks is one such chain that is constantly giving fans something new to try whether it's a secret Purple Drink or the more exclusive Reserve Bar Nitro Cascara Cloud. Unfortunately, sometimes that excitement and our desire for new drinks get away from us, and we have trouble deciphering between actual menu items and totally made up ones. Thankfully though, we’re not the only ones. Recently, a 17-year-old named Laylah used one photo to trick all her friends into thinking she had discovered a new Starbucks secret menu drink.
Earlier this week, Laylah was feeling thirsty for some ice cold Gatorade, so she poured her blue Gatorade into an old Starbucks cup to make room for ice. Being a tried-and-true teenager, she snapped a pics of her drink. Laylah told BuzzFeed, “I poured it all into a Starbucks cup, and the color looked cute, so I posted it on my Snapchat.” After posting the photo of the blue drink in a cup adorned with that famous Starbucks Siren, Laylah's friends immediately started messaging her about it. They wanted to know what it was and how they can get it.
One friend responded to Laylah's photo saying, "Omg what is this it look so good!!" Another simply said, "What is that." That's when Laylah decided to troll them. She responded saying that the drink was "a frappajappajooza." When friends asked if it was a real drink and why they had never seen it on the Starbucks menu, Laylah insisted it was from the secret menu. And, despite the drink's ridiculous name, they believed her.
After playing the trick on her friends, the teen posted screenshots of the Snapchat conversations on Twitter, and unsurprisingly, the internet went wild. So far, the Tweet has received over 339,000 likes and has been retweeted nearly 91,000 times. We hope her friends don't feel too much of a fool for believing and having the whole world know they believed it. Honestly, if we were them, we'd want to believe it, too. Maybe Starbucks will be inspired by Laylah's post and create a real-life Frappajappajooza.

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