A Newly Married Woman Has Been Updating The World On Her Relationship, One Tweet At A Time

You know those couples that are so obnoxiously cute that you really, really want to hate them but just can't? Yeah, this is one of them.
Zoe Calcote (formerly Prina) tweeted about meeting her now-husband Rob Calcote about eight months ago, although she actually met him two months before that. Rob, apparently, sold Calcote the last iPhone in a store and then came over to her house to eat tacos at one in the morning.
Maybe that sounds a little like a horror movie, but it turns out that it was just a really quirky first date because Calcote has been tweeting about Rob ever since. Her first tweet was to let her followers know that the cute guy who sold her the phone had been her boyfriend for two months.
From there, she continued to tweet updates about their relationship — right up until the day they got married.
She tweeted about the times they each met the other's family, and some random cute moments when Rob bought her meaningful gifts or did adorable things like totally supporting her decision to stay in bed all day and watch Bob Ross paint happy clouds.
Seriously, this couple is so cute you're probably going to be sick.
True love, indeed.
The update of all updates, though, happened when they had been dating for 8 months and Rob surprised Calcote with a ring.
She has since been tweeting updates about their upcoming nuptials, including some very interesting engagement photos.
Perhaps the most surprising part of this whole thread (to us, at least) is that Calcote and Rob got married only two months after he proposed — but power to them for planning a wedding in record time. According to the pictures, at least, it was beautiful.
Clearly, Rob and Calcote are one of the happiest couples any of us will ever meet. Don't you just hate them a little? JK, love is a wonderful thing.
Refinery29 has reached out to Calcote and will update this story if we receive a response.
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