This Woman Received $220 Worth Of Credits After Giving Birth In Her Uber

A woman who gave birth in an Uber in Singapore has been given $220 (S$300) in Uber credits, along with a hamper, Mashable reports.
Last Thursday, 26 year old mom-to-be Siti Halimah Mahamud felt labor pains and called herself an Uber to the hospital. Halfway there, though, Mahamud's water broke, according to The Independent. She shared in a statement to Uber that baby Sofwah was born in the backseat, just minutes from the hospital (and apparently right on the Ayer Rajah Expressway, a location which has since been listed on Sofwah's birth certificate), Mashable reports.
For Mahamud' s Uber driver, Danny Chong, the task of cleaning his car after welcoming Sofwah proved to be an experience less heartwarming than the above photo. The job was reportedly turned down by the driver's local cleaners; ultimately, he had to take it to Malaysia to get it neatened up. A second cleaning was then required, however, due to a lingering "smell," Chong told Uber. Both the company and Lion City Rentals, Uber's rental car firm in Singapore, reimbursed Chong for the cleaning fees.
For any nervous (and maybe pregnant) readers out there, remember that giving birth in an Uber is not common. While anxiety about having to give birth in a car or train or any other place that isn't your home or a hospital is perfectly understandable, these stories are so remarkable because of their rarity. Mahamud's Uber birth wouldn't be exciting if it was happening every day — chances are you WILL give birth in your planned location. No need to fret.
As for Uber's gift to Mahamud, we're not sure what the company's motivation was, other than pure congratulations. Could it be part of Uber's women-led cleanup? Whatever the reason, Uber's generosity just makes for an even better birth story.
Refinery29 has reached out to Uber and will update this story if we receive a response.
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