Twitter Is In LOVE With This Guy's Reaction To His Girlfriend's Wig

Photo: Getty Images.
When you're seeing someone new, it can take a while to go from making out at the bar after last call to pooping at their place. And for some, another step comes between that: "How do I tell my boyfriend I wear a wig?" currently has more than one million search results on Google.
Now, wearing a wig is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of — and no one needs another person's stamp of approval to rock one, either. But, the truth is, it used to be a pretty awkward relationship subject to broach. Not in the year 2017, though.
These days, girls and guys are not only snatching their wigs and taking down their weaves in front of their lovers, but some lucky ones even have their partners help them do it. And if that's not #relationshipgoals, then I don't know what is. Check them out, ahead.