This Teen Spent A Month Making His Girlfriend A Scrapbook Of Their Love

Image courtesy of Justin Evans.
A teenage boy made waves on Twitter recently after spending a whole month (and risking personal injury) to make his girlfriend a scrapbook documenting their relationship.
If you were wondering what love looks like, this is it.
The teen, Justin Evans, posted several photos of himself making the scrapbook and one of his girlfriend, Jamie Chaffer, reading it to Twitter on July 6. He captioned the images, "3 glue gun burns, 7 marker stains, 4 paper cuts, and still not enough pages to show how much I love you."
And the hearts of the internet collectively melted. The tweet has more than 12,000 retweets and 38,000 likes as of writing.
Several people, of course, reacted with Twitter's favorite Snoop Dogg meme:
And plenty of other memes depicting just how emotional this tweet makes us all feel:
Evans and Chaffer have known each other for years, he told BuzzFeed, so they have a lot of photos together. And his reason for wanting to make the scrapbook is probably the most romantic thing you've ever heard.
Image courtesy of Justin Evans.
Looking through old photos of his parents one night sparked the idea, Evans tells Refinery29. He realized that his parents were about his age — he and Chaffer are both 17 — when they met, and he wants his future kids to have the same experience of flipping through physical copies of photos as he does, rather than scrolling through them on a screen.
"So why not make a book?" he says.
Why not make a book, indeed? We could all benefit from being as logical as Evans when it comes to love.
What makes the story even better, though, is that Evans could barely keep it a secret. He and Chaffer see each other every day, so Evans had to craft late at night. He kept it a secret from everyone except his brothers, in case someone let the secret slip.
"I had to keep all of my excitement inside," he says.
The book was clearly a labor of love, and he got the injuries to prove it. After being burned by his glue gun three times in one night, Evans told BuzzFeed that he was feeling frustrated.
"I’m done. I’m hurt. I just left everything on the floor and went to sleep,” he told BuzzFeed.
It paid off, though, because Chaffer loves the book. Ever the romantic, Evans planned on giving it to her during a picnic, but his plans were changed by the rain. Instead, he pulled out the book while Chaffer was sitting on his bed.
She immediately started crying when he gave it to her, and has looked at it every day since.
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