Broad City, Our Favorite Summer Show, Is Going Full Winter

Ever since we last saw Abbi and Ilana get kicked off a Birthright trip over an incident involving a tampon in April 2016, we've been anxiously awaiting Broad City season 4 — and at long last, its August 23rd premiere is approaching. At San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer talked to MTV's Josh Horowitz about what we can expect to see in the next season.
While the show usually shoots in winter and takes place in summer, it'll be the reverse this time. "It's in the winter, which is a whole new feel for Broad City, which is typically a sweaty, stinky, dank summer show," said Ilana. "It's such a matter how much money you have, it is almost impossible to live — it is impossible to live comfortably in New York in the winter. It's not chill, even if it's really cold."
The weather will play a major role in the show's storylines, Abbi added. "We really like to mess with the drastic temperature," she said. "Either way it's like, let's talk about when it's so hot and when it's so cold."
It's hard to imagine Broad City without the sweltering heat. From Abbi and Ilana's impromptu drum performance in the park to Abbi's desperate hunt for an air conditioner, the first three seasons are full of iconic New York summer experiences. The new season "looks different, it feels different, and it just yields different kinds of stories," said Ilana. "More indoor stories...the winter is depressing in New York. We touch on how depressing it can be. You kind of have to look at yourself in a way that you don't want to."
Abbi also mentioned that parts of the show were rewritten after the election, meaning it'll probably have its fair share of Trump jokes. With the chance to see a whole new side of both the broads and the city, it sounds like season 4 will be well worth the wait.

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