This New Weed Show Is All About Women

While a recent survey found that the modern marijuana user is likely to be a woman, mainstream portrayals of weed culture don't always reflect that — with the exception of perhaps Broad City.
Queens of the Stoned Age, a new series from Merry Jane — and produced by none other than Snoop Dogg — aims to shift the conversation to more accurately reflect those who use marijuana.
Producer Tara Aquino tells Refinery29 that the show, made with an all-female cast and crew, hopes to "feminize" marijuana culture, and to rid it of the stereotype that weed culture is inherently tied to "bro culture."
"Weed is a male-dominated culture, and it’s hard for women to find themselves represented in it," Aquino says. "So this show is meant to be a symbol and empower women to come out and show that, look, there are successful women who smoke and who have weed as part of their daily life and are killing it in their respective industries."
"Weed doesn’t hold you back, if anything, it enhances you," she adds.
Last month, a survey from Eaze, a cannabis technology company that facilitates delivery of medical marijuana, found that more women than men used cannabis daily, and that many of those who reported using cannabis daily were also parents.
Aquino says that the cannabis industry is dominated by women such as Cannabis Feminist, Jessica Assaf, and the show wants to represent them and how marijuana plays into their lives.
"We wanted to use weed as a jumping off point for conversations about bigger issues like sex and wellness and creativity and show how weed really affects and benefits all those things," she says.
Overall, she hopes that Queens of the Stoned Age will be a conduit for conversations about women and weed.
"We wanted women to openly discuss their relationship to weed in a safe space, and from there, [talk about] their relationship to the world and to each other," she says.
Queens of the Stoned Age will premiere during the first week of September on Merry Jane's YouTube channel, with further episodes to be released bi-weekly.
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