People Are Tweeting Photos Of Their Secret Snack Stashes & They're Everything

Photographed by Amanda Ringstad.
No matter how much we love our jobs, a five-day workweek can be tough to get through. That’s why we like to give ourselves little treats so we don’t fall apart or depending on the day, fall asleep. Most often, those treats take the form of candy, cookies, and other little snacks that lift our spirits and are hidden way back in the most inconspicuous corners of our desks so our co-workers can’t find them. Yes, we're talking about secret snack stashes.
Now, we may not always agree over what should be included in a satisfying snack stash, but we respect everyone's selections and actually find it quite interesting to see what others keep around. If you think about it, taking a look inside someone else's secret snack stash is kind of like an anthropological study. Lucky for all of us nerds that like to think of ourselves as "food anthropologists," many Twitter users have recently taken to sharing photos of their snack drawers, and the photos are doing as much to get us through the week as our own hidden treats.
From these tweets, we found that although nearly all of us have these secret snack stashes, the treats we chose to keep well-stocked vary. Some people opt for a mix of salty and sweet, which to us seems very practical. Others, however, only have eyes for chocolate, which we also get.
Some folks like miniature sized treats for a quick fix, and some prefer giant, super-sized bags of candy that they snack on for hours.
Other people seem to only care about the sauce, so they always have the perfect condiment for any lunch.
And, then there are those who hoard every different flavor of gum that Trident makes. An interesting choice, but we're not here to judge.
No matter what type of snacks you keep locked up at work and no matter how your choose to enjoy them, we're here for it. However you snack, just make sure you don't repeat this person's mistake:
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