It Literally Pays To Make Restaurant Reservations With This App

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
This story was originally published on July 14, 2017
Although it goes without saying, we'll go ahead and say it anyways: we love food. It isn't only the thought of a cheesy pizza or juicy burger that gets our stomaches rumbling or how feasting our eyes on nosh-filled social feeds makes us feel. What really does it for us about food is the excitement around scouting out and dropping by a new spot with friends and family. That is, when we can actually find a place without a major wait. Because if you happen to live in a major city and like frequenting the more crowd-drawing joints, grabbing a table can be as elusive as finding a Charmander in Pokéman Go. (We gave up a long time ago).
But luckily over the past few years, we've gotten a helping hand from the app world, rendering available tables only just a click away on an iPhone or Android. Reservation-making companies like OpenTable, Resy, and Nowait (just to name a few) have taken the "Can you hold?" and "We're fully booked at the moment!" phone calls out of the equation and in turn have given us a mealtime availability calendar for fingertip perusal. And that's just fantastic. But you know what would be even more fantastic? If while also using these apps to do what we already love doing (eating out), we were also able to make some extra cash.
Enter Seated: a hot new app on the reservation-making scene that rewards users for each dining experience that they arrange through the service. That's right, there is now an app that literally pays us to do what we love.
How exactly does this work? Well, according to the website, it's achieved in four straightforward steps. "1. Download the Seated app (available on iOS and Android) 2. Search from over 2000 restaurants in our 10 cities 3. Choose your $15 reward credit (Uber, Starbucks, or Amazon) 4. Book dinner, eat, and repeat!" That equals a tasty dinner and a free ride, y'all. (Or a latte, new book, etc. — the options are endless!) Our weekends are officially made.

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