The Jersey Shore Cast Is Having A Television Reunion, So Prepare For Another Round Of GTL

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Remember when Snooki, JWoww, and Pauly D were bonafide cultural icons? Okay, so that may be a bit hyperbolic, but the raucous 20-somethings were certainly Very Big Deals in reality TV land. Their MTV series, Jersey Shore, spawned endless parodies, merchandise, and even spin-off series like Snooki & JWoww. and The Pauly D Project. Alas, we haven't heard much from this crew — at least, as the collective crew of Jersey Shore — in quite some time. Now, that's all about to change — because Jersey Shore is heading back to TV.
While we won't see a brand-new reality show from the MTV squad (and really, could we handle that in 2017?), fans of the original program will get a big dose of the people who coined the mantra "Gym, Tan, Laundry." The group will star on the premiere episode of upcoming E! series Reunion Road Trip, a new show that will unite former cast members for a trip down memory lane. And, yes, it's a literal trip: the cast will visit places that were once special to them, while catching up on their lives, diving into press drama, and exploring every other juicy piece of gossip we've wanted them to spill about.
However, if you're expecting bar brawls and Sammi and Ronnie drama, you might want to brace yourself. This cast has grown up (at least a little bit) since their show bowed out in 2012. Snooki goes by her real name, Nicole Polizzi, and has two children, as does Jenni 'Jwoww' Farley. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino made a commitment to get sober in 2014. Basically, these aren't the same 20-somethings we witnessed crawling home from the clubs at 3 a.m.
Of course, this won't be the first time that the Jersey Shore crew reunited. The group just released a commercial promoting Burger King's new Chicken Parm sandwich, which should give us a little hint as to what to expect from the reunion special. Times may change, and people may grow up, but they're still Jersey Shore to their core.

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