If You're Going To Judge Women For Being "Half-Naked," Maybe Put On A Shirt

Last year, we reported on a woman who made the brilliant connection that the type of men who body and slut-shame women online are often also the type of men who post a lot of shirtless selfies.
Her name is Lindsey, but she's known on Twitter as @CardsAgstHrsmt, where she continuously calls out this behavior using #ShirtlessShamers. And in case you'd hoped it's gotten any better in 2017, it hasn't.
Lindsey recently posted a new tweet that proves it. A guy posted that, "Girls who post half naked photos get 300 notifications and 200 friend requests.. Girls who don't post half naked photos get 5 notifications and respect."
Lindsey took a screenshot of his post and surrounded it with six different photos of him shirtless or, as we like to call it, half-naked.
"Many of the #shirtlessshamers guys focus their criticisms not just on exposed bodies but on women receiving attention for being half naked," Lindsey wrote in a retweet on her original post. "(Of course, none of them feel shame GIVING attention & their TLs are full of models/actresses' half naked pictures they share & praise.)"
She says in a tweetstorm that guys like this see women's nudity as a "product" and photos of women wearing very little clothing as "giving it away." But when sex workers are paid to expose their bodies, that's not okay with these guys, nor is it okay when women post half-naked photos for political reasons, like normalizing different body types.
"And so it seems the only context of nudity they can accept is nudity 'bestowed' privately to a boyfriend/husband," she wrote. "BUT EVEN THEN rules apply:
1. Send Nudes, but when you do it's your fault if they get shared.
2. Keep the overall "body count" (# of boyfriends) as low as possible.
In screening for gfs or 'wifeys' these men often express a desire for women who don't have too many "likes" or competitive male attention," she wrote.
If too many people have seen a woman's naked, or half-naked, body then guys like this see her as less desireable, Lindsey wrote.
"And this norm--that women devalue themselves when they have too many likes, get too much attention, get "gassed up"--is misogynist & gross," she wrote. "Particularly where that 'attention economy' they're mad about is fueled, if not fully based on, male gaze & objectification THEY perpetuate."
Women should be praised and celebrated for anything they're proud of, she wrote, and that includes their bodies.
It just goes to show that if you're going to slut-shame a woman's "half-naked" photos, maybe you should put on a shirt every once in a while. Or, you know, just don't do it at all.
Refinery29 has reached out to Lindsey for comment, and will update this story if we receive a response.
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