Prince Harry Spoke Out About The Importance Of HIV Education

Photo: Michael Dunlea/Barcroft Images/Getty Images.
Prince Harry visited the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on Monday to speak out on the "absurd" lack of education about HIV, in another step from the Prince to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.
As People reports, Prince Harry attended a roundtable discussion on global efforts to tackle the disease. He also learned about research that is currently being done to improve HIV prevention and treatment for people in sub-Saharan Africa, in addition to how domestic violence impacts HIV risk for women and girls.
"To me it is totally absurd that in today’s world that for young people, the first time they hear anything about HIV and AIDS, it’s probably by the time it is too late," he said. "HIV needs to be treated exactly the same as any other disease, and between us hopefully we can eradicate the stigma and give these young people an opportunity to stand up and say, I’ve lived it […] and I want to come forward and make a difference."
Prince Harry is right — despite the strides we've made in reducing stigma against HIV/AIDS, myths still prevail. As one survey from last year discovered, many people still falsely believe that you can get HIV from kissing. Many also falsely believed that you could get it from sharing a toothbrush.
Last year, the Prince took an HIV test on Facebook live to help break down the stigma surrounding the disease, something that the Telegraph reported as having helped bring about a surge of people in the UK getting tested.
Suffice to say, the Prince has been doing stellar work in continuing his mother's legacy to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.

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