Disneyland's Latest Milkshake Is A New Twist On An Old Favorite

Even with the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, it seems like Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are giving even more reasons for fans to visit the parks. Namely, it's all about the food.
After the release of Groot-shaped sourdough loaves, Disney Food Blog is reporting that Disneyland's sister park is offering up a brand-new milkshake inspired by the film Cars 3 that's as photo-ready as it is delicious.
While the Cozy Cone Motel garners most of the attention in Cars Land with its cone-shaped buildings, the new Cool Dinoco Blue Shake is available a few steps away at the Googie-inspired Flo’s V-8 Cafe. Just follow the glow of turquoise neon lights if you're having trouble finding it.
Those unfamiliar with the Cars franchise might not recognize the Dinoco name, but it's a fixture in the Pixar universe. It's a brand of gasoline that sponsors the races in the Cars movies and a Dinoco station was the setting for a major scene in the Toy Story films. The brand's signature color? Blue, of course. That's why the new shake features the bold hue.
The shake's color reflects its flavor: blue raspberry. However, Instagram user Food and Drinks of Disneyland says the berry flavor is pretty subtle. It's more of a vanilla shake with a hint of blue raspberry. A swirl of whipped cream tops the whole concoction and it's finished with a sprinkle of yellow sugar around the rim. It's the perfect way to cool off during a trip to Disney California Adventure and might also be the most colorful option to survive the line at Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout.
Churro fanatics, take note: there's also a slew of new colored churros on offer in Cars Land, too. To celebrate the release of Cars 3, the park is rolling out Racing Stripe churros, available in red, blue, and yellow with mini edible stars mixed in with the cinnamon sugar. All of the new menu items are only available for a limited time, so fans should rev their engines and head to California Adventure to try them out before they're long gone.
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