Kylie Jenner Got A Gorgeous New Haircut With Blunt Bangs

Kylie Jenner's at it again with another hair transformation. But this time she hasn't gone all-out with neon colors or butt-length extensions. Instead, Kylie got a shoulder-length haircut with blunt bangs that hang down over her eyebrows.
Either that, or she's put on a wig that creates that appearance.
It's probably the latter. Given the sisters' love of wigs, we never know when to trust a new Kardashian/Jenner hairstyle. And as Allure points out, other celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid have been wearing fake bangs lately.
Whether it's real or not, it's still gorgeous. Kylie posted a photo of herself with her new 'do on Instagram, where she's in front of a giraffe at what looks like a zoo. The new look is subtle but makes a huge difference. We absolutely love the way the bangs and shorter locks frame her face. Even if the look is temporary, she's committing to it for now. Her Balenciaga cap pushes the bangs down even lower to almost cover her eyes.


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She also posted a pic of herself inside a room with colorful lights showing off the new hair, which looks extra dramatic on top of her red jacket and black tank top.

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Plenty of other celebs, including Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, and Tyra Banks have rocked blunt bangs recently, Good Housekeeping reports. Blunt bangs are thicker and heavier than your typical bangs, so they require more maintenance. If you don't have straight hair, you may need to blow them out using a mousse, Nexxus Salon Hair Care Creative Director Kevin Mancuso told Stylecaster. And even then, thicker hair might resist the styling, especially in humidity.
If you're willing to put in the work necessary for the upkeep, though, blunt bangs can make any plain hairstyle more interesting. Still, we have a feeling Kylie will get bored of hers soon enough.
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