McDonald's $9 Lobster Roll Returns

McDonald's fans with a penchant for the finer things in life can celebrate the return of an old favorite. Delish reports that the burger chain is re-introducing its $8.99 lobster roll, much to the delight of budget-conscious diners and a slew of eye rolls from foodie purists.
Just like McDonald's other seasonal offerings such as the McRib, the New England-style lobster roll has earned the reputation as a cult favorite. Fans evangelize the limited-edition menu options while critics decry them as unauthentic.
The lobster roll debuted in 2015, but has come back every summer since. According to Delish, Mickey D's uses North Atlantic lobster meat sourced from wild lobster fisherman. New England Today delved a little further, adding that the meat is frozen and thawed before it's mixed with mayo and seasonings, so it won't be anything like a fancy wharf restaurant's roll, but it's also just a fraction of the price, since a lobster roll can run upwards of $20.

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While traditional lobster rolls come on split-top hot dog buns, the McDonald's version comes on the same toasty roll as its chicken sandwiches, so it's definitely not 100% authentic in that regard. But New England Today's food critic does commend the effort, saying that it's a great way to introduce the specialty to people who may not be familiar with the treat.
Unfortunately, McDonald's won't be offering the lobster roll from sea to shining sea. Diners and vacationers lucky enough to head to the Northeast will be the only ones to get in on the action. Locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts (except the locations at the Albany border), and Connecticut (minus Fairfield County) will be the only spots to offer up the sandwich.
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