The Internet Can't Decide If This Chipotle Hack Is Genius Or Terrible

Photographed by Corey Olson.
Is there some superpower that kicks in when you become a parent that has you coming up with inventive ideas for how to keep everyone in your family happy? Lately, we've been seeing so many dads on social media sharing the unorthodox ways they get their kids what they need and many of those have revolved around food. We had the dad who peeled his daughter's oranges every day for lunch for over 12 years. And then there was the father who picked up a more practical lunchbox alternative for his son at his local hardware store. Now, there's another dad sharing his way of feeding the fam, and it involves Chipotles so of course, people are intrigued.
Over the weekend, Josh Williams, a father of three, tweeted a photo of his family's Chipotle order. The photo showed the contents of his brown Chipotle bag, which included several small to-go containers filled with different toppings and tin foil-wrapped tortillas. Accompanying the photo, he wrote, "Started asking the folks at Chipotle to individually package my ingredients so I can assemble it all at home. Am I weird? Or brilliant?"
This way of ordering may seem harmless enough, but as we should know by now, anytime you post something about food on Twitter, you're going to get a wide range of strong reactions. This post was no exception. Some people thought he was a genius, while others thought Williams' method was downright offensive.
Because this dad created such a wave with his Twitter post — it has received 1,300 comments and over 7,000 likes so far — BuzzFeed News reached out to Williams in order to find out why he came up with this ordering method. Williams explained that he and his family live 45 minutes from Chipotle, which means their food often turns soggy when they try to bring it home to eat. Because his family was waiting at home for the food, he tried this method to keep everything fresh. And it worked! Apparently, the family also lives in an area where most stores close around 5 p.m. so picking the ingredients up at the supermarket wasn't an option. So, armed with that information, what do you think? Is this dad just being a good improvisor? Or is Chipotle's usual protocol too precious to be messed with?

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