Why This Instagrammer Is Celebrating Her 35-Pound Weight Gain

A fitness blogger named Tatiana recently shared a different kind of transformation photo on Instagram: One in which she was celebrating a 35-pound weight gain.
"On the left I was depressed, BARELY EATING, and extremely insecure," Tatiana wrote. "I was losing alot of weight and made the choice to go on a weight gain journey. I was 5'9 And 120 lbs."
Tatiana explained that attempting to gain weight wasn't easy.
"I was considered underweight for my height. And it wasnt easy. I have an extremely fast metabolism which makes it hard for me to put on weight easily."
She also has a message for anyone who tries to shame her in the comments for her weight gain.
"I couldnt care less if you think I shouldn't have gained weight because guess what? It's my body and the only thing that matters now is that I'm happy," she wrote. "and I was definitely working out on a consistent basis so alot of the weight I gained was muscle. ? and to say that I'm "fat" now is a WHOLE insult to people who are actually fat. Don't try it. ? •"
She's right. While it's fantastic that Tatiana feels good about her weight gain, she's not fat, and using the word as a way to criticize her body is an insult not only to her but also to anyone who does consider themselves fat.
And in case anyone is in the same situation as Tatiana found herself in, she's sharing the meal plan that helped her gain weight.
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