Seth Rogen & James Corden Delivered Pizzas In L.A. & We're Jealous We Didn't Get One

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS.
There are few things that get us as excited as hearing our doorbell ring after having ordered a pie from our favorite pizza joint. The fact that we're about to open our front doors to be greeted by the most heavenly combination of flavors in the food universe fills us with such pure joy. And, it's honestly hard to imagine anything that would make the experience more thrilling. Perhaps opening the door to find Seth Rogen and James Corden holding our pizza would do it.
On a recent episode of the Late Late Show, Seth Rogen joined host James Corden in a segment called Mystery Pizza Box. In it, the two celebs took pizzas ordered from Prime Pizza in Los Angeles and delivered them to real customers around the city. When they arrived at the doors of these unsuspecting people's homes, Rogen and Corden offered the customers a choice. They could either take the pizza they ordered or give up the pizza and instead choose a "mystery pizza box" which contained an unknown prize. As James Corden put it, the prize may be "better or significant worse than their pizza." It would be really hard to take a gamble like that when good pizza at stake, but we think we'd probably be able to go for it if Seth Rogen was there to cheer us on with his adorably charming laugh.
On the first stop, the men show up at the apartment of a young woman who has just moved to the city. Corden quickly clarifies that "this isn't the experience every time you order a pizza in Los Angeles." However, the woman probably wasn't all that bummed that this was just a one-time thing since she went with the mystery pizza box and ended up getting a box fill with just tomato sauce. Corden told her that it was an "L.A. Pizza" because it's gluten-free, dairy-free, and wheat free — we're sure that got a big laugh from all the New Yorkers in the studio.
The other stops on the Mystery Pizza Box tour panned out a lot better than the first. Every single customer chose to go with the Mystery Box over the pizza they ordered — shocking, we know — but for these people, the risk paid off. Still, we have to wonder what happened to all those uneaten pizzas. Can we get a slice?

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