We Never Knew Disney Had Mochi Shaped Like Popular Characters

Photo: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
We consider ourselves pretty well informed on the best snacks Disney World and Disneyland have to offer. Because the theme parks’ treats are the most ideal combinations of whimsical, photogenic, and tasty, our Instagram feed is constantly presenting us with the best and newest menu offerings from both parks. And, the nostalgia of each dish has us scrolling through fan feeds on a daily basis. Still, even with our Disney food obsession, we had no idea that Tokyo Disney has quite possibly the cutest dessert we’ve seen. With some help from an Instagram user named tsumtsummarie, we came across sweet mochi dumplings that are shaped and decorate to look like Disney characters.
In case you didn’t know, yesterday — June 26 or 6/26 — is referred to as Stitch Day by many Disney fans. This is because in the movie Lilo & Stitch, the scientist who created Stitch referred to him as "Experiment 626," so it makes sense. In honor of the holiday, tsumtsummarie posted a photo to Instagram of what's called Scrump Mochi Dumplings because they look exactly like Lilo's homemade doll, Scrump.
According to a Disney blog called TDR Explorer, the sweet Scrump Mochi Dumplings come with cream inside, and customers can choose from three flavors, mango, banana, and purple sweet potato. TDR Explorer also reports that these aren't the only mochi treats available at Tokyo Disney. The resort also offers Little Green Alien Mochi Dumpling, shaped like those tiny characters from the Toy Story series. These little green mochi dumplings also come with three different sweet cream filling flavors, chocolate, strawberry, and custard cream.
If we, as experienced Disney food stalkers, didn't know these adorable mochi treats existed, imagine how many more cutesy treats are waiting to be discovered at international Disney parks.

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