NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Shared "Real Vs. Produced" Photos Of Her Body

We're used to seeing Instagram stars and bloggers show us side-by-side photos to dispel the myth that everyone looks perfect all the time — and now, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is getting in on the movement, too.
On Wednesday, Patrick posted two side-by-side photos of herself in the same workout clothes on Instagram, a composite that she called her "real vs. produced" shots.
"I kinda love when people do real vs produced shots," she wrote in the caption. "The difference between the two is lighting, pose, and clothes adjustments."
Patrick wanted to post the photos, she said, to show what a difference flattering lighting and posing could actually make.
"We all want to look our best at all times, no shame in that," she wrote. "But don't let someone else's body put yours down."
Patrick has a point: there's nothing wrong with looking your best, but it shouldn't have to come at a cost in terms of how you feel about yourself and your body. All our bodies are different — and that's exactly what makes them so great. While Patrick arguably still fits conventional standards for a "fit" body in the photo on the left, her point still stands.
In a world where one in five of us still cut down on things we used to do because of body image issues, it's more important than ever to hear that our bodies deserve respect and love.
"We all know when we are treating our bodies with the respect it deserves," Patrick wrote. "It's the one and only thing we own for life."
It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach here.
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