Praise Be! Alexis Bledel Is Coming Back To The Handmaid's Tale As A Series Regular

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
Blessed be the fruit, etc, because Alexis Bledel is coming back to The Handmaid's Tale. The last time we saw Ofglen, Offred's tragic and closest confidant, she was captured by the Eyes after hijacking a car and taking it for a spin, killing someone in the process. Such an offense is surely punishable by death — certainly in Gilead — but it looks like the heroine might just survive. According to Variety, Hulu has announced that Bledel — who most know as Rory in Gilmore Girls — has been upped to a series regular for season 2.
This news means that Ofglen (or, her real name, Emily) is going to have a bigger part in the next season of the adaptation than the guest starring role she held in the first handful of episodes. And praise be for that, because her character became a favorite thanks to Bledel's touching portrayal and Emily's role in the resistance.
That's good news for Bledel, as she and co-star Elisabeth Moss clearly hit it off.
"I was so excited to work with Elisabeth Moss, and most of my scenes were with her," the actress told Refinery29 back in April. "We met when we worked on Mad Men, but we didn't have any scenes together." She added, "I love the scenes where [Offred and Ofglen] start to trust each other. It's a dynamic that stands alone, because it's not a dynamic that happens often. By design, the handmaids are really isolated. It really says something about those two characters that they are able to connect."
As for what's ahead for the character, no one knows — the series has officially gone rogue from the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name. So, even if you did lord over your friends the fact that you read the book in your 10th grade English class, what happens in the next season is anyone's guess.

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