Someone Gave This Couple Very Sexual (& Accurate) Marriage Advice

A married couple's anniversary tradition has people on Reddit shook — but it's not because their tradition is adorable.
At their wedding, the couple had guests write down marriage advice on small pieces of paper and stuff them into a jar. They have opened one piece of paper every year since.
For the past two years, the advice has been pretty sweet (and predictable). Both "Never go to bed angry." But their third year's advice is a little more ... interesting.
"Never stop giving head to each other," the paper says. Naturally, they posted a photo of this year's advice to Reddit And people in the comments went wild.
"That's grandma's handwriting," wrote someone who may or may not actually know the poster's grandma. Whether they do know her or not, though, the poster agreed that it very possibly could be their grandma's advice.
"Could be...his Grandma had 17 children," the poster wrote. Someone else pointed out that that logic isn't exactly sound, though, since oral sex doesn't lead to pregnancy.
Others pointed out the absurdity of this advice, should the couple take it literally.
"Well, someone needs to eventually get food or go to work. That would be an awkward walk to the fridge," someone wrote.
Though they clearly aren't constantly in a 69 (that would certainly make posting to Reddit more challenging), the couple assured their newfound fans that they didn't really need a reminder to follow this advice.
"Last year's and the year before we're both "don't go to bed angry," the poster wrote. "This is our 3rd never go to bed angry. Now this...well I can admit we already follow this advice very um well."
Despite some commenters' silly interpretations of the advice, though, it's something we'd definitely recommend following — as long as you and your partner(s) feel comfortable with oral sex.
When you have honest communication with a partner and they know how to please you, oral sex can be an amazing way to keep your sex life feeling fresh for many years to come.
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