These Cotton Candy Burritos Have An Ice Cream Surprise Inside

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We are already well aware that ice cream burritos and ice cream tacos have become popular ways to enjoy our favorite frozen treat. For the most part, we've seen these creations made with scoops of ice cream nestled inside a waffle cone formed to look like a taco shell or tortilla. The end result is a straightforward, easy-to-eat dessert that's not all that different from a regular ice cream cone. Well, thanks to FoodBeast, we now know there's a dessert shop in Ontario, Canada taking that concept way over the top with the addition of another fun and totally unexpected sweet, cotton candy.
The shop is called Sugar Sugar, and this one-of-a-kind menu item is aptly named the Cotton Candy Burrito. To make it, Sugar Sugar starts by flattening a large cloud of cotton candy. Once it's flattened out, the cotton candy looks a bit like a tortilla, expect of course that it's pastel pink or blue and fluffy. From there, a few scoops of whatever ice cream you choose are placed in the middle of the cotton candy tortilla. The burrito maker then folds the cotton candy up around the ice cream and rolls it up nice and tight. Finally, you have your Cotton Candy Burrito with plenty of ice cream inside.

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FoodBeast pointed out that although "it doesn't exactly eat like a burrito," the cotton candy sundae does offer "a fun play on textures you wouldn't expect." Plus you know with both ice cream and cotton candy in the mix, this treat has got to be super sweet. According to Sugar Sugar's Facebook page, Cotton Candy Burritos aren't the only sweet treat it serves. It also offers soft serve, funnel cakes, retro candy, and ice cream cakes, but we probably could have guessed there were a lot of different decadent desserts on the menu given this place's name.

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