Why A TV Presenter Wants To "Encourage Gender Fluidity" With Her Children

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
BBC Sports presenter Gabby Logan is opening up about how and why she raises her children to be gender-fluid — in case that's how they someday identify.
"I encourage gender fluidity at home," she told The Sun in an interview. "I don’t try to force my daughter into only being into girly things like clothes and make-up. And I don’t try to force my son into only being interested in typically male things either."
Logan, who has 11-year-old twins, Lois and Reuben, said that she would much rather let her children choose whatever they want to wear or do than to subscribe them to any gender binaries.
"Let them make up their own minds about what they wear," she said. "If my daughter wants to wear an outfit I don’t like — or have her hair a ­certain way — I won’t intervene."
According to GLAAD, 12% of millennials identify as transgender or gender non-conforming.
"People who are gender-fluid don't identify with a fixed gender," Liz Powell, PsyD, an LGBTQ-friendly sex educator, coach, and psychologist, told us earlier this year. "They may move back and forth between gender presentations and identifications, or participate in queering of gender by mixing masculine and feminine presentations."
The definition of gender fluidity can vary according to each individual who identifies as such — and those who identify as gender-fluid can vary on which pronouns they prefer and how they choose to present their gender.
While Logan's children may or may not eventually identify as gender-fluid, it's refreshing that she's approaching the topic with openness and acceptance, no matter how they identify in the future.
"I think it’s so important to let kids do what they want to do and leave them be," she told The Sun.
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