OkCupid Is Putting Its Foot Down On Age Restrictions

OkCupid can be a little sassy. That's what one Reddit user learned when they accidentally typed "5" into the minimum age of people they were searching for.
OkCupid's response was a simple, red "No."
The user posted a screenshot of the mistake to Reddit with the caption, "it was just a typo, okcupid calm down," and it has gone viral.
The post has more than 1.8 million views as of writing, just one day after it was put online.
As some commenters have pointed out, it's unlikely that this was actually a typo if the poster meant to look for someone in their 20s, seeing as how the 5 is three numbers away from the 2 on a keyboard. But even if it was staged, the funny part about this post still stands — OkCupid's complete sass at anyone trying to look for an underage hookup.
We were curious, so we decided to test it out ourselves with a (slightly) more reasonable number. But searching for people who are 15 elicits the same response.
Image courtesy of Rachel Chen.
The response was added to OkCupid in April of 2016, according to a representative. "We take protecting our community very seriously, and draw a hard line when it comes to anyone who is in violation of our adult users only policy," the representative told Refinery29.
While we understand and appreciate the logic behind this feature, other OkCupid users have noted that it sometimes jumps the gun.
"Just noticed this the other day! It really kicks in quickly, too. Pause for one second after backspacing 25 to make 24..... 2?! NO," one person wrote on the reddit post.
And it also seems a little unnecessary. OkCupid doesn't allow anyone under 18 (or at least anyone who says they're under 18) to make a profile, according to the site's terms and conditions.
So even if you were allowed to set your search parameters to "looking for women who like men between 5 and 38," you wouldn't run across any 5-year-old's profiles, anyway.
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