Watch A Mom With Alzheimer's Find Out About Her Daughter's Pregnancy Again & Again

When Christine Stone found out that she was pregnant with her first child in January, she was elated — and couldn't wait to share the news with her loved ones.
However, she knew she'd have to tell her mother about her pregnancy again and again.
Stone's mom, Setsuko Harmon, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 8 years ago.
"I can tell her and two to five minutes later she won’t remember," Stone told People magazine. "It’s like watching a kid at Christmas wake up and see his presents over and over again, because each time she gets so excited."
Stone had the idea to film her mom's reaction each time and put it into a video that is both beautiful and heartbreaking.
"I’ve shared the news countless times ― too many to count," Stone told Huffington Post. "It is sad yet heartwarming to see my mom’s reaction every time. I cannot wait for her to meet our daughter when she arrives in October, obviously."
Alzheimer's, a progressive disease that destroys memory and other mental functions, is the most common form of dementia. In 2013, as many as 5 million Americans had some form of dementia, according to the CDC. While treatment for Alzheimer's involves making life more comfortable for the patient, there is no cure for it — and more and more people have been dying from the disease as of late.
Part of why Stone wanted to make a video of her mother's reaction was to raise awareness for Alzheimer's.
"I want to bring awareness to this disease," she told People. "Yes, it’s sweet seeing my mom get so excited over and over again, but it’s so sad at the same time."
She also said that she made the video for her daughter to see how excited her grandmother was for her arrival. While she initially posted the video to her private Facebook account, she told Huffington Post that she made it public in hopes that it inspires people to be more attentive with their parents.
"I also hope people take time out of their schedule to spend time with their parents, because they won’t be around forever," she told Huffington Post.
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