Here's How To Send Ramadan Greetings To A U.S. Mosque

In light of the recent uptick in hate crimes against Muslims in America, we want to show Muslim Americans everywhere that we appreciate and support them. This year for Ramadan, which began last Friday, DoSomething has created a campaign called Sincerely, Us, which aims to send handmade Ramadan cards to every single mosque in the country. Not only does this project allow people to show solidarity with Muslim citizens, it also heightens the sense of unity that's already associated with Ramadan.
Throughout the month of Ramadan, which is the holiest time of year in Islam, Muslims fast, attend nightly prayer services, and reflect on the role that faith plays in their everyday lives. Many view it as a chance to reconnect with the larger Muslim community and celebrate their religious identity. That's why DoSomething is taking action now: to show American Muslims support as they spend the month reconnecting with their faith.
If you're ready to join the more than 38,000 people who have already sent out cards, start by making a DoSomething account and visiting the project's page. Make as many cards as you want (be sure to include a Ramadan greeting), upload a photo of them to DoSomething's site, and then send them to DoSomething's headquarters. From there, they'll distribute the cards to mosques across the country. According to the project's site, each Muslim community in the U.S. will receive a greeting. Just keep in mind that Ramadan might continue until June 24, but you only have until June 10 (this coming Saturday) to get your cards in the mail.
If you're interested in participating in the project, feel free to download one of our original designs below. And we'll be streaming our own card-writing session from R29's NYC office at 5 p.m. EST on June 6 on our Instagram account.

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