Simon Cowell's Son Is The Best Part Of America's Got Talent

Can the world handle two Simon Cowells? It'd better prepare to, because Simon's son Eric seems to be following in his dad's footsteps. The three-year-old made an appearance on America's Got Talent Tuesday night, Us reports, and he appears interested in going into the business of reality show judging.
In a clip of the two hanging out backstage, Simon asks, "If you had to be on a desert island for the rest of your life with either me or mommy, who would it be?" Eric, also the son of Simon's girlfriend Lauren Silverman, takes a break from eating what looks like a giant bagel and taps his dad's shoulder. "Why?" Simon asks. "Because you press the scary buzzer all day," says Eric. Obviously.
On this particular take-your-son-to-work day, Eric also got the chance to watch the auditions from his father's lap. And as you might expect from his earlier comment, his hands were all over the buzzer. "Are you trying to do my job? What do I do? That’s my job!" Simon joked. Eric unapologetically answered "yes," proving that he also inherited his dad's brutal honesty.
Simon Cowell's shoes aren't easy ones to fill, but he thinks his son is more than capable. "He is a brilliant judge," he told Extra. "I watch him, and when he likes an act he’s normally right, and when an act’s a bit boring and he loses interest, he’s normally right…he loves pushing the buzzers. He’s got a real sense of it and he likes coming down."
Whether or not he ever judges talent competitions, Eric should definitely consider a career as an entertainer. Though the chicken that played "America The Beautiful" on a keyboard is a close second, we'd say Eric was the best part of America's Got Talent's season 12 premiere.

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