McDonald's Introduced A Chicken Big Mac & It's Pretty Much Exactly What It Sounds Like

At the beginning of the year, McDonald's introduced us to two new Big Macs. For a limited time, in addition to the classic Big Mac, McDonald's menus expanded to feature the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac. While fans were excited to see a few new members added to the Big Mac family, the only thing that was actually at all different about them was size. Now, however, McDonald's has introduced a Big Mac sandwich that's a real departure from the original. It's called the Chicken Big Mac.
If you close your eyes and try to picture what exactly a Chicken Big Mac looks like, the image you conjure up would probably be completely accurate. As the name suggests, it is almost identical to the classic Big Mac, but instead of beef patties, it has two McChicken patties. The other ingredients — cheese, Big Mac sauce, shredded lettuce, pickles, and the sesame seed buns — remain the same. The end result is a more monochromatic version of the McDonald's classic that or a double decker friend chicken patty sandwich.
Unfortunately for those who are curious about the new offering, it looks like consumers in America probably won't be able to taste the stacked chicken sandwich. At least not yet. According to Cosmo UK, the Chicken Big Mac was recently released in Australia and in the past, has also been sold in New Zealand. We looked around on Instagram and discovered that the sandwich was also available in Dubai last year. Additionally, it has been spotted in Taiwan this past month. We know it's kind of a let down that the United States has yet to get a chance to try out the Chicken Big Mac, but to be honest, it's a pretty simple sandwich that you may be able to hack. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of those bottles of Big Mac Sauce that were being sold at the beginning of the year, you can easily just pour some of that golden dressing on a regular McDonald's chicken sandwich. If not, maybe try ordering a Big Mac with a side of Chicken McNuggets. Save the patties for later and throw those nugs between the buns. Okay, it may not be a perfect solution, it's definitely cheaper than a flight to Australia.

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