Parents Are Sharing Truly Disgusting Photos Of Gross Things Their Kids Have Done

Last week, Desirae Robles posted a pretty powerful reminder that parenting isn't all sunshine and rainbows: a photo of her face completely covered with her daughter's vomit.
Robles is clearly a superhuman because she exercised extreme calm to stop and take a photo of her puke-covered face. She did it, she told BuzzFeed, because she thought it was funny and wanted her boyfriend, Larry, to see.
β€œIt was one of the moments you can’t ever forget so I had to send it to him to see," Robles told BuzzFeed.
Robles then posted the photos to Twitter because, like she said, it's pretty funny β€” especially her daughter's smiling face post-puke.
[For anyone with a squeamish stomach, this is your warning to look away.]
But she probably didn't expect the avalanche of other parents who responded with their own seriously disgusting photos and videos of times when their precious children either threw up or pooped on them.
So many people could relate. The post has more than 37,000 retweets and 132,000 likes as of writing.
Despite the abundance of gross photos rolling in, though, parenting isn't always a vile experience. Sometimes, kids are actually cute. I mean, just look at Robles's daughter when she's not puking on her mom.
Adorable, right?
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