This Shop Sells Nutella Doughnut Bouquets & They're The Answer To All Our Food Prayers

These days, it often seems near-impossible to find something everyone can agree on. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a person who says "no thanks!" to a Nutella doughnut bouquet.
We know what you're thinking — that sounds way too good to be true. But rest assured, we wouldn't joke about such a serious matter. This delicacy, which sounds like the stuff of dreams, is selling up a storm at Dessertboxes in Sydney, Australia.
Dessertboxes was founded by three siblings with a simple goal: to put an end to boring presents once and for all. "People are in high demand for a gift that can't be re-gifted," co-owner Samantha Khater told The Daily Mail. "And what do you give a man? Flowers? I don't think so. Jewelry rusts and flowers die but nobody has ever turned down a doughnut."
After just three months, the doughnut bouquet venture has proved to be a smashing success. The 12-doughnut bouquets, which retail for $78, are raking in up to $4,300 per day at Dessertboxes. They've been used for special occasions ranging from "birthday eves" to wedding proposals.

So Birthday Eve presents should totally become a thing. As of today, we make it an official day. You're welcome.

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Yesterday we had our first proposal! We can guarantee she said YES to this one! #dessertboxes

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This isn't the siblings' first business venture — last year they founded Kayter Co., which sells cronut towers and "personalized" coconuts. They initially tried out Nutella bouquets through Kayter Co. and, after the overwhelmingly positive response, the family decided to get into the business of Nutella doughnut bouquets.
"[Nutella bouquets] were so successful that people wanted to purchase total 'boxes' from us filled with treats. That's how our new company was formed," Khater explains.
We know what you're thinking — there must be a catch. Sadly, unless you live in Australia, you are correct. The bouquets aren't currently available for shipping because Khater says it would "compromise the fresh taste."
Nutella doughnut bouquets — we are not worthy.

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