These Ornate Melon Sculptures Are Just Too Impressive To Eat

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Artists work in all different kinds of media, but not all of them are edible. Plus, we don't think that Michaelangelo's marble sculptures would be as delectable as Instagram artist @krasinthusith's melon masterpieces.
Food & Wine reports that while there's not much out there on the Insta artist himself, his intricately carved melons are impressive enough to silence any art-world naysayers.
Anyone who's familiar with Thai food culture has probably seen similar work before. The country is known for this sort of edible art as much as pad Thai and its rainbow assortment of curries, but krasinthusith takes it to an entirely different place — one that's far, far away from resort breakfast buffets.


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Keeping in the grand tradition of Thai fruit carving, many of krasinthusith's sculptures depict dragons, a huge part of Thai culture and art. And he doesn't just work with watermelons: A scroll through his post history shows plenty of work with green papaya, kabocha squash, golf-ball sized mini eggplants, and coconuts. Oh, and those snapshots of lotus blossoms? Look closer and you'll see that they're carvings, too -- not just perfect blooms plucked from a pond.

นารีผล ขอลงอีกครัง??☺

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And while there are handy captions included (only if you can read Thai) the photos pretty much speak for themselves. F&W explains that some of krasinthusith's pieces eschew the tradition of flowers and dragons for more abstract work, with swirls, spirals, and spires rising from within gourds and melons.


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Keep krasinthusith's collection of otherworldly carvings in mind when Halloween comes around, because while you may not have the skill to carve out a Tolkien-level seascape, you'll definitely find some inspiration in his amazing works of edible art.
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