Animaniacs Might Be Making Its Zany Return To Television

Photo: Warner Bros.
Hellloooo nurse, you may soon get a chance to spend some zany quality time with Wakko, Yakko and their sister Dot. That's because, according to Indie Wire, the Animaniacs is getting a reboot!
Twenty years after it went off the air, the '90s cartoon, which taught us a song to remember all the U.S. state capitals (and we can never thank the Warner siblings enough for that), is reportedly working on new episodes. Steven Spielberg, who originally created the series which ran from 1993 to 1995 as a follow-up to Tiny Toon Adventures, is on board. As of now, there's no announcement on where the show will call home since it's still in the "early stages of development." Though, we can assume Wakko, Yakko and Dot will be back in the water tower housed on the Warner Bros. lot where they've reportedly been since the 1930s.
Don't be surprised, though, if it ends up on Netflix, since Indie Wire reported the popularity of Animaniacs after it started streaming on the service last year likely sparked the idea for a revival. It also seems like a show that would be up Netflix's alley since they seem to be greenlighting a lot of shows that are aimed at '90s kids. They recently announced they're developing a prequel TV series out of the 1982 fantasy The Dark Crystal and also dropped a trailer for an animated series based on the Nintendo game Castlevania. Basically, Netflix is slowly becoming the network for any adults who would like to get back in touch with their childhood.
For those who didn't grow up watching Animaniacs, there is no better time than now to give it a chance. And if you did grow up on it, you may want to plan a re-watch since I would bet there's a whole lot of jokes that went over your head. Seriously, that show wasn't just for kids, which means adults should be just as happy to hear the Animaniacs may be returning.
While you wait for further announcement about the Animaniacs, spend a little time watching this video that puts all the nations of the world into song. Who said cartoons aren't educational?

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