A Stranger Helped Save This Woman's Family — & Now She's Looking For Her

Sarah Wood and her family were recently in a scary car accident — one bad enough that Wood passed out during the collision and when she came to, she could hear her son Noah screaming in the back seat.
Luckily, Wood and her son and boyfriend are all okay, thanks in part to a woman named Ali.
Now, Wood wants to thank Ali, who was the first to stop and help the family, but unfortunately didn't get any more information than the woman's first name. She's taken to Facebook in an attempt to find her.
"When I woke up after the collision, all I could hear was ringing and Noah screaming," Wood posted on Facebook. "I turned around and saw him curled in a ball, clutching his stomach and screaming. I was in so much pain that I had to turn back around and remain still. I knew I'd been injured and shouldn't move. There was smoke and glass everywhere and I didn't know what to do. Then I heard your voice. You introduced yourself. You asked for our names and you calmed us down. You were so kind to us and I will be forever grateful."
She wrote that Ali didn't leave her side or stop trying to help Noah keep calm until the paramedics were able to get there. She also was the one to call 911 and inform them of the accident, Wood told Scary Mommy.
After being checked over by paramedics, Wood was assured that Noah was uninjured, and that her boyfriend had a sore neck. Wood, however, has a severe cervical sprain, she told Scary Mommy. But Ali's presence keeping her son calm could possibly have kept that sprain from getting worse.
"I don't think you will ever see this but, if you do, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my son," Wood wrote.
The post has nearly 7,000 shares as of writing, from people who are trying to help Wood find her mystery hero. People have shared her post in California, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Ohio, and even more states.
While the accident happened in Washington, it's completely possible that Ali actually lives in another state, since Wood wasn't able to get any of her information.
Wood is hoping that this post somehow reaches Ali, though she told Scary Mommy that no one has come forward claiming to be Ali so far.
“I would want to tell her that I am forever grateful,” she told Scary Mommy. “I felt like I was failing my son because I couldn’t help him and she stepped in and made sure he was safe. I can never repay her for her kindness. She is a beautiful person.”
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