Cheesecake-Flavored Cool Whip Is Now A Thing (Yes, Really)

If you have a serious sweet tooth and are known to apply generous portions of whipped cream to your food at every available opportunity, you'll want to sit down for this exciting piece of news. Just in time for summer, Cool Whip has debuted a Cheesecake-Flavored whipped cream confection. Be still, our hearts.
Although details are scarce at this time, we can confirm that it's currently stocked at Walmart. A hero reader of The Impulsive Buy spotted it at the chain store and was kind enough to share the exciting news. They posted a photo to Instagram accompanied by the caption, "I'm just racking my brain trying to figure out what type of dessert this would go great on."
If you love cheesecake but aren't exactly a stellar baker (*raises hand*), the answer to your prayers could be within this tub of whipped cream. No-bake cheesecakes are typically made by whipping cream cheese and Cool Whip together, then pouring the mixture into a graham cracker crust. But, if you stock your fridge with Cheesecake Cool Whip, creating this dessert just got way easier.
This isn't the first time Cool Whip has gotten seriously creative with its flavors. Last October, the company debuted Peppermint Cool Mint and it was a major hit. And, as it turns out, the lucky folks at Today got an advance taste of the cheesecake flavor.
They issued their verdict, and it was pretty darn positive: "The flavor was mild enough that it accented the creamy flavor of the whipped topping rather than dominating it. I think it would go great with anything that has a toffee or caramel flavor profile. Or anything chocolate, such as piled atop a chocolate cream pie. Of course, there's another option that's always great too: spooning it straight from tub to mouth."
It's good enough to be eaten straight from the tub? Say no more — we're already sold.

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