Someone Calculated How Much Dev's Summer In Italy Cost In Master Of None

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At the start of Master of None's second season, we find out Dev has traveled to Modena, Italy for a summer of pasta making and healing from a broken heart. What we don't find out is how much those three months abroad cost him. But thanks to Uproxx's Zach Johnston, we now have a pretty good ballpark estimate.
In case you were wondering, Modena is located in northern Italy and is famous for its car manufacturing, balsamic vinegar, and medieval buildings, according to its Trip Advisor page. Johnston figured out that the closest airport is in Bologna, which would cost $867 to get to from New York. But you could also go the cheaper route by finding a less expensive flight to another European city and taking the train.
After spending nearly $1,000 on travel, Dev then had to figure out living arrangements. Fortunately, those are much cheaper that what he must be used to paying in New York: just €500/month for a one-bedroom. Still, for an entire summer, that'll come out to over $1500. Combine that with utilities, food, and other necessities, and you get around $4,000.
But let's not forget Dev's bike, vespa, and special occasional meals. For his birthday, he dines at Hosteria Giusti, a famous restaurant built from a renovated slaughterhouse that only has four tables. All the courses — not to mention the wine — must have cost him at least €80. He also celebrates with drinks at the wine bar Enoteca Compagnia del Taglio. But his most extravagent meal is at Osteria Francescana, which charges €350 for nine courses plus wine.
Altogether, the trip comes out to $5,219. As it turns out, getting over a breakup does not come cheap — at least not if you do it through vespa rides and upscale Italian meals. But we suppose you can't put a price on lifelong memories.

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