PSA: McDonald's Has Curly Fries & We Can't Think About Anything Else

Fast food French fry fans (FFFFFs?!), listen up because we have a PSA: McDonald's is currently serving curly fries. As if we needed an excuse to update our fries ranking. We really can't focus on anything else today — other than acquiring an order of these golden potatoes and eating them drenched in ketchup ASAP. A standard order of straight fries from McDonald's already packs a major nostalgic punch, so we can only imagine the power that these springy school cafeteria-reminiscent ones will wield. Not to mention, they come complete with a badass name: Twister Fries.

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But before you get too excited and run out to your nearest location for a bite, there's a catch. Unless you happen to live in Singapore or the Philippines (or have plans to travel there today — if so, take us with you), you won't be munching on a crispy curlicue anytime soon. Because according to Popsugar and the Mickey D's Wikia page, this creation is currently only being sold out in those two countries.
So for now we'll have to make due with the classic spears. But that won't stop us from hoping that this twisted take makes its way stateside, stat. Could summer 2017 be the summer of Twister Fries? Only time will tell.

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