You Need To Watch HBO Stars' Moms Recite Their Dirtiest Lines

It's no secret that showrunners at HBO really like to take advantage of the fact that when it comes to the number of curse words per episode, the limit does not exist. So in honor of Mother's Day, the networked released a video of a few stars' moms reciting some seriously dirty lines.
The totally chill moms of Tony Hale (Veep), Rob Corddry (Ballers), Sarah Jessica Parker (Divorce), and Issa Rae (Insecure) were handed cards with some of the NSFW lines their offspring have uttered in the name of art. Using slightly different inflections and facial expressions than the original versions, the moms recited a series of increasingly profane quotes.
First up was Tony Hale's mom, Rita. In an impressively deadpan manner, she asked "do I look like a pimp to you?"
"Yeah this is pretty much me every day. Staring at buttholes and getting my buzz on," Danny McBride's mom, Kathy, said with a nod.
"What are you being a complete fucking asshole about this?" Sarah Jessica Parker's mom demanded.
"I'm about to stunt on your ass," Issa Rae's mom Delyna asserted.
Rob Corddry's mom appeared a trifle uncomfortable as she read aloud, "when you smoke enough crack, anything feels legit." Pete Holmes' mom looked downright scandalized as she recited "why is my hand towel on your dick?" (Major props to her for getting through that quote.)
They hung in there for an impressive period of time, but the moms eventually gave up and exclaimed things like "Oh, I can't do that one!," "Oh Lord!," and "Pete!" as they looked at the quotes.
Don't worry — the video concludes on a sweet note. The stars themselves appear onscreen to wish their moms a very Happy Mother's Day. They can thank them later for being such good sports and providing all HBO fans with a hilarious gift.

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