This Hilarious Adele Parody Video Shows The True Anguish Of Being A School Nurse

Adele's deeply emotional song, "Hello," has sparked endless covers and parody videos, but a new parody from school nurse Kelli Petersen just might be the most hilarious version yet.
Petersen posted a video to YouTube yesterday, which has already gotten more than 13,000 views. Her tongue-in-cheek cover changes the lyrics of "Hello" to illustrate all of the crappy (literally) situations that school nurses have to deal with.
"Hello, can you hear me? I go through Band-Aids for every elbow, finger, knee," she sings.
But she and her fellow school nurses have a lot more to deal with than a few skinned knees, as the songs chorus shows.
"You say your tummy huuuuuuuuuurts. Do you have the Hershey squuuuuuuuuuirts? Because if you haven't pooped or puked, you're gonna stay in school," she sings.
Her song perfectly illustrates the horrors of being the only nurse if a school full of kids, who all come to you if they have things like diarrhea or a stomach bug or are just trying to get out of class — including the fact that these kids use the bathroom in her office and sometimes leave a surprise in the toilet for her.
Of course, school nurses also do very important and meaningful work, as Petersen shows in the part where she checks for signs of concussion on a little girl who bumped her head.
Petersen posted the video on School Nurse Day, to celebrate the amazing people, like her, who spend their days making sure kids are healthy and safe.
"Happy School Nurse day to all my fellow school nurses," she wrote in the YouTube description. "May you know how truly valued you are! And to nurses everywhere, you're amazing!"

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