A "Sexy Old Fart" & His Wife Took The Best Marathon Finish Line Photo Together

If you had any relationship goals, get ready for them all to be blown out of the water. Not only did 88-year-old Robert Kinder and his wife, 84-year-old Betty Kinder, run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon together, they also crossed the finish line together, holding hands. They may not have won the race, but out of nearly 26,000 runners, all eyes are on these two.
The best part? After crossing the finish line, marathon photographers took a photo of the couple that is now going viral — thanks in part to the fact that Robert was wearing a pretty sweet baseball cap.
That's right — his baseball cap reads "Sexy Old Fart."
According to Runners' World, the idea for the hat came from a time when he wore a hat reading "Grumpy Old Fart" on an airplane. A flight attendant suggested the change, and Robert decided to have the hat custom-made.
Robert told local station KFOR that it was initially his idea to participate in the race, but soon after, his wife learned that she needed surgery.
"I had open heart surgery and bypass," she told KFOR.
Despite that, she was still determined to make it to the race with her husband. After going through rehab following her surgeries, Betty practiced walking with a nurse to make sure she would be able to participate.
Before the Kinders even got home from the race, they received phone calls from relatives who had seen the photo posted online and hadn't even known that they'd be taking part.
The Kinders plan to come back for the race next year, though no word as to whether or not the hat will be making a comeback.
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