THIS Is The 2017 Version Of Beach Waves

Fashion magazines be damned: Trends never really go "out" of style. Sure, you may prefer to go naked than wear a pair of JNCOs and butterfly clips probably make you cringe, but just wait 10 years and the kids will be sporting them like it's 1997 all over again.
The point is, everything old eventually becomes new again. Maybe that's why we're not surprised to see flipped-out ends make a comeback right now — even after years of diligently styling our hair without curling our ends.
Of course, the style never disappears for long. In the '60s, pin-up girls went crazy for "the bubble flip." That is, lots of volume at the roots and major bends towards the ends. A more feathered variation, made famous by Farrah Fawcett, dominated the '70s. And, of course, Jennifer Aniston's Rachel haircut inspired a generation of copycats throughout the '90s.
Now, stars and influencers alike are grabbing their round brushes and, well, flipping TF out. See some recent iterations on the look, ahead.

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