Is It Just Us Or Is This The Most Awkward Red Carpet Of All Time?

Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock
At first, we thought we were imagining things on our MTV Movie & TV Awards live stream. Could the sound quality be this hazy? The interviewers bumbling for the next question? Random facts being repeated over and over, the same clips playing again and agin? Well, we should've known: This is, after all, the runt of the awards show family. Arriving months after the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys, the MTV Movie & TV Awards are the teenagers of awards show, rolling out of bed just a little bit too late.
So, we were ready to cut the awards show some slack for their mic drops, weird segues, and utter strangeness. But then came Shay Mitchell's cringe-worthy moment of losing her composure on camera. Cursing on camera, she admitted that she "fucked up that last bit," because the teleprompter wasn't cutting on time. Clearly, there was some miscommunication occurring. The camera cut away, and then zoomed back on a suddenly-composed Mitchell.
Look, we get it: Storming rain, technology out of whack. We're with ya, Shay. We just wish it weren't so entertaining at the same time.
To make matters worse, Mitchell had to repeat the best "Movie of the Year" bit not once, but twice. Maybe the MTV live stream programmers hoped that, if we couldn't hear through the microphones and the rain, we wouldn't also pay attention to the fact that the live stream was just a loop of the same content over and over again.
This is why every high school musical, wedding, and awards show needs a dress rehearsal. But, given the MTV Movie & TV Awards' elaborate opening number, complete with costumes and original songs, maybe the effort was put into designing beast horns instead of programming live stream content.

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