This One Feature In Your Bedroom Could Ruin Your Sleep

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For some people, sleep may be as elusive as a pair of brand-new Yeezy sneaks. But like anyone looking for those coveted kicks, sleep-deprived folk just need to know how to game the system. According to Elle Décor, getting some of that sweet slumber only takes a little bit of elbow grease.
Being that it's Elle Decor, however, the advice isn't related to shutting off your smartphone or adjusting your caffeine intake. Instead, the magazine enlisted feng shui expert Laura Cerrano for some spatial suggestions and found that one major — and very unexpected — thing could affect sleep quality. Cerrano's biggest bedroom suggestion? Making sure that there's the same amount of space on either side of the bed. That means not pushing the bed against a wall or having it closer to one wall than the other. Naturally, it's all about balance.
"This is symbolic of creating equal space for you and your partner," Cerrano told The Independent. She notes that it's not possible in every instance, especially when small spaces get involved, but even an inch of space can create an energy imbalance. Cerrano didn't mention whether or not this applies to single sleepers, but that's a different story.
Another major point of contention? Cerrano notes that it's important to be able to see the bedroom door from the bed, but to make sure that they're not completely aligned. It's another case of energy flow: "This allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching their life," she explains. The same goes for bathroom doors. Anyone lucky enough to have a bedroom with an attached bathroom should keep energy lines in mind. Keep those doors in the eye line, but don't line it all up.
If that sleepy time tea isn't cutting it and those ZZZs are getting scarce, Cerrano's suggestions can't hurt.

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