Watch These Guys Obliterate The Argument That Abortions Aren't Safe

People have plenty of arguments against abortion, but one that consistently pops up from people who have no medical training or expertise to spout such facts is that having an abortion is unsafe.
Lady Parts Justice League, an organization that "uses comedy, culture and digital media to sound an alarm about the terrifying erosion of reproductive access," created a new parody video to show just how ridiculous that argument is.
Because, as one of the hosts in the video says, when an abortion is done right, by a medical professional who was trained to perform an abortion, it's actually safer than getting your wisdom teeth pulled.
The video is a spoof on the MythBusters series, using two guys who kind of look like Jamie and Adam from the show to break down the myth that abortions are unsafe. Rather than taking these random guys at their word, we're introduced to Willie Parker, MD, a Christian doctor who performs abortions in Alabama.
Parker first takes down the idea that a medication abortion is unsafe.
"Medication abortion is simple, safe, and it happens at home," he says in the video. "In fact, did you know that medication abortion is safer than using Viagra?"
Next up: surgical abortions.
While the "MythCrashers" guys attempt to hand Parker a pizza cutter to show us how it's done, he says that even a real scalpel wouldn't be necessary.
"90% of all abortions happen in the first trimester and there's no cutting of any kind," he said.
The MythCrashers guys we're looking for something more exciting — something like an explosion — and they let Parker know that.
"Then I might be your guy," he said. All he needs for an abortion is five minutes and a few simple tools.
If that isn't enough to convince you, the MythCrashers also talked to Parker about the myth that having an abortion causes depression and infertility. Bottom line? "There is no link between abortion and depression or infertility."
The whole video is a silly, tongue-in-cheek look at the misinformation surrounding abortions, but it's important that these myths be debunked. The idea that having an abortion is unsafe could cause worry for people who may otherwise have no qualms about making that appointment.

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