This Is When You Can See Robin Williams' Last Movie

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We now know when Robin Williams' final film will be released in the United States.
According to E! Online, the last movie that the actor worked on, a British film titled Absolutely Anything, will head to theaters on May 12. The film stars Simon Pegg as an average man who is granted "absolute powers" by aliens as a social experiment. Can Pegg's character Neil use his newly-discovered powers for good? That's what the film attempts to discover as hilarity ensues.
The film is Williams' last work, but not the last film he had physically appeared in. That movie was 2014's Night At The Museum 3, in which the actor reprised his role as the statue of Teddy Roosevelt. Williams, who died by suicide in August of 2014, gave his last performance via voiceover: the actor portrays a talking dog named Dennis in the comedy.
Williams has long been associated with voiceover work. He famously portrayed the Genie in the 1992 animated Disney film Aladdin. As for the alien theme of the new flick, Williams knew it well: one of his earliest roles was as the alien Mork (from planet Ork) on the sitcom and Happy Days spin-off Mork & Mindy.
Williams' widow Susan Schneider Williams penned a powerful essay for scientific journal Neurology in which she explained that her late husband had been suffering from Parkinson's as well as Lewy body disease. Susan explains that the disease deeply affected her husband's mind, causing him to suffer from memory loss, delusions, and paranoia, as well as other painful and debilitating symptoms. The Lewy Body Dementia Association estimates that LBD affects 1.4 million Americans.
For fans of Williams' comedy, Absolutely Anything should offer a way to remember the comedian as the funny man he was. Of course, there's nothing stopping anyone from also watching some of Williams' classic works — we'll always remember him as Hook's Peter Pan, Aladdin's the Genie, and the titular doc in Patch Adams.

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