We Tried Starbucks' Newest Frappuccino & It Tastes Like Girl Scout Cookies In A Cup

Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Buxton.
Starbucks quiet release of a new, minty Frappucino had the internet abuzz this morning. Whether it was intended as an antidote to our rainbow-soaked edible unicorn desires is up for debate, but one thing is for sure: for fans of Thin Mints, Andes, and grasshopper-flavored-whatever, the cooling, chocolate-y concoction is a must-try.
So, naturally, when our afternoon coffee break hankering started, we made a trip to our local Starbucks’ to grab one.
Coming on the heels of unicorn mania, the Midnight Mocha Frappuccino's closest relative is a holiday drink: the Peppermint Mocha. Unlike the peppermint mocha, however, dark chocolate flavor notes really shine through, making it taste very much like our favoritee dark chocolate and mint combos. And while peppermint seems like an optimal holiday drink, here, the more subtle mint flavor is a great refresher for the hot summer months ahead.
As we already observed, the dark chocolate hue, matched with whipped cream and Starbucks own green logo, is already Instagram-friendly. At first blush, the extra strip of whipped cream in the cup would seem intended for maximum snap-ability. While the whipped cream layer was less pronounced than in some photos we've seen, the more we sipped the more it's true purpose became evident. Much like it's color-changing unicorn cousin, the Midnight Mocha changes flavor as you sip. That is, if you can restrain yourself from swirling everything together as soon as you get it, as the Frapp melts, it turns from a rich dark chocolate coffee drink into something that tastes like a melted cookies and cream/mint chocolate chip ice cream mash-up.
While we don't know for sure how long Midnight Mocha will be around, it would appear to have a longer planned shelf life than any unicorn-themed beverages, and we're glad. Equal parts sweet, refreshing, and invigorating, we wouldn't be surprised if this is a new summer classic.
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