Forget Hot Cheetos, Cheez-Its Crusted Grilled Cheese Is Here

The reign of Hot Cheetos is nigh.
The spicy, red, crunchy snack has been popping up all over — not as finger food, but as a sort of pseudo-condiment. Food fans can find the hot addition in everything from poke bowls and poke burritos to actual burritos. But it looks like another classic snack food is coming to usurp the title of top topping. Foodbeast reports that Cheez-Its are making their way onto grilled cheese sandwiches, opening the floodgates for a brand-new cheesy accouterment.
According to the food blog, The Empamamas Truck, a Tampa Bay, FL, institution, is serving up sandwiches crusted with the cheesy crackers. The truck is remixing its signature sandwich, which swaps out the usual American for cheddar cheese and pulls in a cheesy pinch hitter: Provolone.
For the Fried Cheez-It Grilled Cheese, the truck's chefs then cover the entire sandwich (made with extra-thick white bread) with a crust of crushed Cheez-Its before dunking the entire thing in a deep fryer. (The cheesy crumbs adhere via an egg bath, by the way.) The result? A crunchy, cheese-on-cheese creation that pumps up the ooey-gooey intensity through clashing textures, multiple cheese flavors, and exaggerating that stretchy cheese pull. The epic sandwich gets topped with a pair of mini pickles and sits atop a bed of fries. In short, it's the perfect way to chow down on a grilled cheese that's a far cry from what anything you can make at home — unless you've got a deep fryer of your own, of course.
Sadly, you'll have to head to the Sunshine State for a taste of this culinary masterpiece, but don't fret. The Cheez-It trend is sure to go viral, so you'll be able to grab an Empamamas-inspired creation in your 'hood sometime soon. Check out how it all goes down in the video, below.
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